Wednesday, August 17, 2022

 I'm back to working my way through the scrap pile. There's a never ending, always changing selection of 2 inch squares on my sewing table.  I've been keeping count of sewn pairs.  There's 600 pairs sewn and bagged up.

This project has a life of it's own.  It started as a vague idea for practicing fmq to a full blown quilt in progress.  It may be a wall hanging, lap or bed quilt.  That all depends on  when I run out of scraps!

The stitching on Simple Joys by Little House Needleworks is finished.  It's being ignored in the waiting to be FFOed pile.

This is the original version.

Night Flight by Prairie Schooler is a fun stitch.  A green pumpkin in the witch's hand and the border are next.

This is the pattern.  If I don't get distracted, it will be the next one for the FFO pile in a week or so.

Sunday, June 12, 2022


A lot of the charm squares weren't even.  I could trim them to the same size and make smaller blocks, but I don't want to.  I'd rather just pick another project.  So on to Plan C!  Plan B was to use calico for the neutral, but decided on a mystery cream fabric instead.  The squares are 2 inches.   Not quite sure of the layout....yet.  Plan C is make it up as I go along.  lol

Started a sock during Knit Night.  It grew a bit more with some car knitting.  The colors are more muted in r/l.  I think they will be a pretty pair of socks.

Teeny, tiny beads were just perfect for..... this an icy ring.  I do like the way it looks.  It won't take much to finish it off, just a bit of modge podge to seal the paint and to secure the beads.

Cut a piece of fabric for backing the flower pot wall hanging.  Someone gave it to me years ago.  It has gold metallic speckles and it's not something I'd use in the front of a quilt, but will make a great backing.

Back to cutting scraps.  Petting fabric scraps and cutting them up ready to sew isn't a chore when it's a few at a time.


Grey has another baby gecko.  This one hatched Saturday morning.  Snapped this pic a few minutes after hatching. This one likes to jump more than run.  When I was putting him in the new baby box, it took three jumps to be tangled up in my hair near my shoulder! It was the only thing that slowed him down.  Such a little cutie and a very pretty tail.

I think by then end of the week I'll be caught up with the things that need to be done.  I'm looking forward to slowing down and having more time for the fun stuff.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Progress on DJ A1.  Fingers crossed it will be finished this week.

DJ A2.  I spy with my little hour glass block, six flying geese and four HST blocks.  It's fun nutting out how to sew the blocks together.

The booth on Saturday was successful.  We had fun doing it, too.  It was the first one we've done for a while and as the cliche goes, it was like riding a bike....everything went smoothly...even putting up the evil tent.  We all pitched in putting up and taking down the tents in our part of the street and at different times during the day.  

There's a lot of murals round town and this one was opposite our booth.  It reminds me of an art quilt.

These leapt out of the stash shouting "pick us!".  Metropolitan Fair shoved Chateau Rouge out of the way, demanding to be sewn first.   I have an idea for both. 

The fabric that was picked out a couple of posts ago is going to have to wait, as I haven't picked out a pattern yet.  

I'm using the book below as outright bribery to get this lot organized and get back to post-event order.  It keeps getting pushed down the priority list, but it's going to be done this week.  

Borrowed this book from the library when I picked up this month's book club book.  

Saturday, June 4, 2022



Grey says hey!

We were ready 1 1/2 hours early....better than the last minute.

Our combined super power is taking straight rods of metal and bending them into garden ornaments!

Friday, June 3, 2022

We've been doing the truck is packed with everything for the booth tomorrow happy dance for a few hours.  

We needed an extra couple of tubs, so I unpacked a couple which hold fabric. 

Since no post is complete without at least one photo, I thought I'd share some fabric that caught my eye from one of the tubs.  The two blues and the dark brown on the right are all by The Buggy Barn.  The red is a mystery fabric.  The selve edge is blank.  The green is by Kim Delhi.  

Working out the values is a start, right?  The red needs to be moved to the far right.  Next is picking a light neutral.  That's the other emptied box.  I'm taking it as a sign!  That will be six meters of fabric, which is more than enough to play with.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

After a bit of a poke around in the die bin, tried this size for another DJ B1.

What is it about this block?  I swear I forget how to appliqué circles every time I try it.  lol

The choice of fabric may have been influenced a bit by the lunar eclipse.  😉  Did you watch it?  We had thick cloud cover, so I flipped between NASA and a few observatories on YouTube.   The first thing i thought of when i saw Morocco was what a fabulous color it would be for quilting fabric.  lol My favorite was California's firey red.  

I have the Skyview app on my phone.  It identifies stars, constellations etc.  If it's a clear night I'm usually out in the yard, holding my phone up checking out whatever is up there with the night sky.

 This is my sewing set up.  It may not be glamorous, but it works!  It's really handy being portable.  A few minutes here and there add up.  

The only thing it needed was a pincushion, so of course I had to make a new one with the reject from A1. 😉  

It was sewn a tweener when I was making a new belly band for Bailey.  There 16 days until the event we have a booth at.  Hence, the few minutes here and there of any kind of sewing.  By the time I'd got to stuffing the pincushion, I'd forgotten there was an opening at the bottom and put a hole in the back to turn it through.  Of course, it was a potential replacement for A1.  BEB thinks the block is either cursed or vindictive.  lol

This is the thread for sewing the buttons on B1.  I could have used black or red, since it doesn't show that much.  This thread was much more fun....pretty and silky.  I don't have a ton of fancy threads for machine quilting, but every one is varigated.

The details.  

 Progress on A1.  Frixon pens are great when I do daft things like draw the sewing  lines for the triangles on the front of the fabric.  

Waiting for a seam roller to arrive in the mail.  Finger pressing doesn't give enough of a crease.  Tried it with my nail, but that put weird tiny puckers in the seam.  

We got our booth number today.  The pic is one of the bracelets I've made.  It's my fave, so I'll be making one for myself in a while.

Thursday, May 12, 2022


Grey's incubating Aphrodite and Heracles eggs.

We knew one was close to hatching.

We just didn't realize how close until last night!  

Such a tiny baby!  Grey had his hands full as I set up a temporary house, as they're super fast and jumpy when they're babies.

I'm a bit nervous about handling something so small, because.....

......I'm more comfortable handling something this size....that doesn't run and jump!  lol

 I'm back to working my way through the scrap pile. There's a never ending, always changing selection of 2 inch squares on my sewing...